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We offer competitive prices on chemicals in gram, kilogram, multi-kilogram, bulk, full drum and ton quantities. Click any chemical below to get a quick price quote for larger quantities not available on our online store! 

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Acetic Acid, Glacial
Acetone, USP/ACS/NF
Ammonium Hydroxide, 29.8%, USP/ACS/NF
Barium Iodide (Anhydrous)
Bleach, 12.5%

Boric Acid, Powder
Calcium Chloride
Caustic Soda
Copper Sulfate
Cyclohexylamine, 99%
Denatured Alcohol
Dichloromethane, ACS/Technical
Diethyl Ether, ACS
Dimethylformamide, ACS
Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Ethylene Glycol, ACS/Technical
Formic Acid, 99%
Glycerine, USP/Kosher
Glycolic Acid
Hydrochloric Acid, 37% ACS
Hydrochloric Acid, 33%, Technical
Iodic Acid, 50% Solution with Water
Iodoform (Triiodomethane), USP
Isopropyl Alcohol, 99% USP/ACS/Industrial

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Lacquer Thinner
Lithium Aluminum Hydride

Lithium Hydroxide
Lithium Iodide, Anhydrous
Methanol, ACS/USP/Industrial
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Methyl Iodide, ≥99.0%
Peppermint Oil, FCC/Kosher/Food grade
Periodic Acid, ACS
Petroleum Ether, ACS
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Hydroxide, ACS/Food Grade/Industrial
Potassium Iodate, FCC
Potassium Iodide, USP/ACS
Phosphoric Acid
Phosphorus Pentoxide, 99%
Propylene Glycol, USP
Salicylic Acid 99% USP
Sodium Fluoride, Powder ≥ 99%
Sodium Hydroxide, ACS/Food Grade/Industrial
Sodium Hypochloride, 12.5%
Sodium Iodide, USP
Tetrahydrofuran, Anhydrous ACS
Toluene, ACS
Trichloroacetic Acid


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